Bowmore, history and quality of its whiskies

On the west coast of Scotland is a small island famous for its whisky distillation: the town of Islay. It is in the middle of the great bay of this island and facing the sea that the Bowmore distillery decided to settle in 1779. The name means sea rock. For 242 years, the company has continued to produce a wide range of refined and balanced whiskies of different ages. Let's take a look at the history and characteristics of the Bowmore whiskies.

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Bowmore, the oldest official distillery on Islay

The creation of this distillery, located in the town of Bowmore, is attributed to David Simpson, a farmer, sailor and merchant. The house was founded in the 18th century. It is one of the oldest licensed whisky making establishments on the island. The island is a small island of some 3,000 inhabitants located off the west coast of Scotland. The establishment remained in the possession of the Simpson family until 1837 when it was bought by William and James Mutter. The latter was consul to the Ottoman Empire. After the take-over, he expanded the business before selling it to Joseph Robert Holmes who introduced the name Bowmore Distillery Ltd. The company changed hands again in 1950 and went bankrupt in 1963 before being bought by Stanley P Morrison. In 1987 the name of the company was changed to Morrison Bowmore. In 1994, the company became part of the Japanese alcoholic beverage manufacturing and distribution company, Suntory.
The village of Islay is located in a cove called Loch Indal. Because of its geographical position, the pioneer distillery has all the assets to produce exceptional whiskies. The distillery works with the best quality oak casks and uses the fresh water of the nearby River Laggan. The barley is grown and malted in the distillery's own malt barns in accordance with the required conditions and fermentation process. The meticulous maturation of the single malt takes place in one of the oldest stone maturation warehouses in the world, the No. 1 Vaults. All this contributes to the peaty character of Bowmore whiskies. These spirits are also distinguished by their handcrafted quality and their beautiful harmony and extreme finesse. Most of the whisky is marketed as single malt, but some is also used in the composition of blends such as King Pride, Cland Roy, Island Legend etc. This last brand was created in the 90's, when the Japanese group took a stake in the distillery.

Bowmore whiskies: products with a lot of quality to spare

Over the centuries, the distillery continues to pass on its expertise and traditions in the making of Scotch whiskies. Bowmore Scotch whiskies come in a wide range of aromas and flavours, ages and alcohol levels. They are spirits made only from 100% malted barley.
In passing, it is interesting to note that single malt and helmet strength spirits that have been aged longer are expensive. The term single malt refers to a whisky made by blending malt whiskies from the same distillery. A cask-strength product is a whisky bottled from the cask without having been diluted with water. It can have an alcohol content of up to 60%. These rare and higher quality spirits are also quite expensive as they are sometimes produced in limited editions. This means that there is not enough stock to meet the demand. Their rarity and quality naturally influence their price. But let's come back to the whiskies of this distillery.
-Bowmore Samaroli Bouquet Collection Full strenght pure Islay malt 1966: This rare vintage single malt at 53% alcohol content marks the pinnacle of Bowmore's distilling art. It is unforgivable for a lover or collector to miss the tasting of this nectar of the gods. The nose is its most unforgettable part. An invitation to explore a world of unique, powerful, pure, overwhelming aromas and flavours with ultra-fruity notes in a combination of smoke, peat, seaweed, vanilla, honey, lime, sea breeze.... The taste is also legendary, an instant hit, delicious, fruity, complex, slightly smoky flavours with lots of tropical fruits, a hint of oak, ginger, spices, peppery charcoal, peat... It's all there. And this great whisky leaves a long fruity, spicy and woody aftertaste in your mouth. It is a real privilege to have in one's possession this rare treasure which has not been for sale much in recent years. If you want to be one of the lucky few who have it, go to the shopping cart. There is only one product in stock on the site.
-Bowmore Finest single malt Black Bowmore 1964: this single malt distilled in 1964 and bottled in 1995 is also part of the distillery's vintage series. It also impresses you with its incredible aromas of exotic fruits, notes of caramel, ginger and cinnamon. On the palate it is thick and deliciously dense with flavours of spice, raisins, figs, roasted nuts and a hint of wild game. All this with a persistent, creamy finish of nuts, spices and lavender. A must-taste!
-Bowmore Single Malt Ceramic Seagull 25 year old whisky: another bottle of the brand available in limited edition that you can order on this website. This whisky with its golden colour also promises countless flavours that will not disappoint you. Its round and rich nose is a good scent of honey, citrus, fruits as well as a hint of leather, tobacco, sherry cask. It has been aged for 25 years before being bottled. On the palate, this spirit has flavours of dry oak, spice, bitter chocolate, tropical fruits with a medium long finish. A great value to enjoy at lunchtime or early evening too!
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