Conoisseur's notice : details on annotations

An aged or soiled label, a slightly damaged cap or a low level on old vintages: All these small defects do not challenge the quality of the wine. As a connoisseur, you will be able to access the best wines at very attractive prices

Bottles from Bordeaux Bottles from Bordeaux :

BN : Base of Neck (BGBas Goulot) :

Perfectly correct for any age of wine. Outstandingly good for wines of more than 10 years.

TS : Top Shoulder (THETrès Haut Epaule)

Normal for any claret 15 years old or older

US : Upper Shoulder (HEHaut Epaule)

Slight natural reduction through the easing of the cork and problem. Acceptable for any wine over 20 years old. Exceptional for pre-1950 wines

MS : Mid Shoulder (MEMi Epaule)

Probably some weakening of the cork and some risk. Not abnormal for wines 30/40 years of age

LS : Low Shoulder (BEBas Epaule)

Very risky for wine quality

BLS : Below Low Shoulder (VIDVidange)

Wine usually undrinkable. Collection item in case of rare and exceptional label.

Labels Statement Labels Statement :

ELA: Étiquettes Légèrement Abîmées:

Some defects can match this annotation:

  • very light scratch;
  • dirt ;
  • black marks;
  • light colors.

EA: Label Damaged

Some defects can match this annotation:

  • scratches more pronounced, the year and the name of the castle remains quite readable;
  • various soils or stains ;
  • délavement of colors

ETA: Label Very Damaged

Some defects can match this annotation:

  • important tears;
  • many snags ;
  • dirt and / or various spots;
  • délavement pronounced.

State of the capsule State of the capsule

Some defects can match this annotation:

  • snags on the capsule;
  • oxidation of the capsule;