Domaine Raymond Usseglio

Pierre Usseglio: a young domain of quality

The Pierre Usseglio domain is fairly young (its foundation dates back to the late 1940s), yet half of its vineyards have an average age of 60 years. The other half is half as old. The methods to produce this wine from the Rhone Valleyremain very artisanal, despite a production of 90 000 bottles annually. Extending on 24 hectares distributed on 17 parcels, the harvest is done manually, and the sorting is very selective. Once crushed, the grapes have about twenty days to fermentate. Therefore, it is not so hard to have a Pierre Usseglio at your table: the prices are around the tens of euros, some of them are sold for a few hundred euros.

Most of the production of the Pierre Usseglio domain (which is found with name of Châteauneuf-du-Pape) is dedicated to the making of red wines. Of the 24 hectares planted, 23 are dedicated to red grape varieties, mostly grenache noir. White wines, on the other hand, are mainly made of clairette and grenache blanc. The red wines have mostly a taste of fruit while the white wines are more discreet. Finally, let us remember that the ideal period for tasting a Pierre Usseglio wine is after 5 to 10 years of aging. To sell your wine in the best conditions and have a quick estimate, contact Vins Grands Crus!

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